The Volunteer of the Month for May is.......

Andy St. John

Andy has been instrumental in organizing and running all of the behind-the-scenes work on the website for our online auction for the past five years.  He has served on our Board as both Treasurer and Parliamentarian.  He has three previous Bobcats and a Bobcat in fifth grade.  Over the years Andy has helped in the library, with Book Fair, lunch duty, hallway work - anything he was asked to do.  He has been an invaluable asset to Beverly and will be greatly missed.  We are thankful for all that Andy has done! Andy, please enjoy your parking spot for May!



 Past Volunteers of the Month

April:  Lindsay Losh

Our volunteer of the month for April is Lindsay Losh!  She has a Bobcat in kindergarten and has jumped right in volunteering.  She's one of the Kindergarten Grade Level Coordinators and Room Parent.  She helps weekly with YO Packets, lunch duty, hallway work, and library.  She's also helped with all of the special kindergarten programs like the Measurement Marathon and during the Friday afternoon STEM program.  She's also volunteered to serve as our VP of Programs for next year.  Lindsay, thank you for giving so much of your time and energy to our students!


march:  kathryn williams

Kathryn Williams!  This month we celebrate one of our newest members of the Bobcat family - a mom with two Bobcats in kindergarten.  On any given morning, you might see Kathryn in the kindergarten wing helping students on their "jobs" or reading stations or doing hallway work.  As one of the kindergarten Room Parents she's helped with class parties and other grade level activities.  She's read to assist the teachers when needed.  She's also helping to plan our kick-off event for the Spring Book Fair.  Thank you, Kathryn, for all that you do for both the students and teachers at Beverly!


february:  Bret miller

If you are ever at school during lunch time, you may have seen Bret doing lunch duty for one of his two Bobcats' grades, kindergarten and third.  He also puts the announcements on the school marquee and opens the doors every day at dismissal.  He even helps with the First Grade Bobcat Store even though he doesn't have a first grader this year.  He is always willing to help do anything he is asked to do. Bret, thank you for all that you do for Beverly! 

November:  Erin Jarratt

Have you turned in your Box Tops lately?  Erin has been our hard working Box Tops chairperson for the past few years.  She spends hours collecting, sorting, and cutting Box Tops that families send in to school.  Her efforts earn our school money to spend on supplies, equipment, and technology that benefit all of our students.  Erin has done a great job promoting the Box Tops program, and our school even won $10,000 in a contest this year.  Erin has one Bobcat in fourth grade and an older student in high school.  She is also a grade level coordinator and has been a dedicated weekly lunch duty and hallway work helper since her Bobcat started Kindergarten.  She’s also great at snapping photos at class parties and field trips!  Erin, thank you for always being willing to help out and for making Beverly a better place. 


October:  Robin Viator

The Beverly Walk A Thon will be coming up on October 20.  This is our biggest PTA fundraiser of the year, and Robin has been hard at working planning what is sure to be an AWESOME event.  In addition to being our Walk A Thon chairperson this year, Robin also serves as a first grade volunteer coordinator and will also be helping to snap some yearbook photos this year.  Robin has Bobcats in first and fifth grades, and she also has two older kids in high school and college.  Robin, thank you for your hard work!   


September:  Nancy Yu

Have you seen the fabulous new Spirit Wear designs for this year?  Nancy was hard at work with our vendor this summer creating and ordering all of the new short and long sleeved designs for this year.  She logs inventory, manages orders, and delivers orders to your child’s classroom.  Nancy has one Bobcat in third grade this year. She has also volunteered as a Grade Level Coordinator and is always willing to lend a hand.  Nancy, your hard work is appreciated!

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