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Reflections 2018-2019

Reflections is a National PTA sponsored arts recognition program that encourages artistic expression. The Reflections theme for 2018-2019 is “Heroes Around Me”. Use your imagination to create a film, song, artwork, photograph, poem, short story or dance routine. You may enter as many times as you like in as many categories as you like. Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form. Be sure to reflect the theme in your work.


 Categories Include:

• Literature – Fiction or nonfiction, prose, poetry, drama, or short story (must not exceed 2,000 words)


• Visual Arts – Original print, drawing, painting, collage, photographic collage, metal etching or punch work, fiber work, or computer-generated artwork (must be flat, not more than 3/8 inches thick, maximum size 24 x 30 inches including a mat)


• Photography – A single photo, panoramic, photomontage (one seamless print of multiple original photos), a multiple exposure, negative sandwich or photogram. Original black-and-white and color images are accepted. Non-accepted forms of photography include: Entries with added graphics over the image, including lettering, are not accepted. Original film (negatives or transparencies) and multidimensional pieces are not accepted. (maximum size 11 x 14 inches including matting)


• Musical Composition – A cappella, blues, choral, country, electronic, hip hop, jazz, world music, musical, orchestral, pop, R&B, religious, rock, symphonic/concert band and traditional (maximum time 5 minutes, should be submitted on a CD or USB). Acceptable forms include: MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, ACC (M4A) and FLAC. Audio only, no videos; must be less than 1 Gigabyte.


• Dance Choreography – Ballet, contemporary, ethnic and folk, freestyle, hip hop, jazz, street dance, and tap. The dance can be performed by an individual or a group, although only one student may be the choreographer (student submitting entry). (maximum time 5 minutes, should be submitted on a CD or USB). Acceptable forms include: AVI, MOV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, FLV and F4V; Must be less than 1 Gigabyte.


• Film Production – Original work, animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, computer-generated (no PowerPoint, maximum time 5 minutes, CD or USB).  Acceptable forms include: AVI, MOV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, FLV and F4V; Must be less than 1 Gigabyte.


All entries will be due at the Beverly Elementary Front Desk by Friday, October 26, 2018 at 12:00pm.  Please visit the Texas PTA Reflections Website for detailed instructions and rules.




2018-19 Reflections Entry Form

2018-19 Rules

  Contact the Reflections Coordinator at with additional questions.


PTA Reflections

The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students.  The Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme, while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.

The Reflections Program was established in 1969 by National PTA board member Mary Lou Anderson. Since that time, more than 10 million students have participated in the program. The program's longevity and participation figures attest to its strength. The excitement and enthusiasm that the program generates for children, parents, schools and communities is unmatched.  Participation in the Reflections Program is a great way for students to explore and learn about various art forms.  Creating art is a valuable learning process that challenges students to use their critical thinking skills as well as their creative talents to create art that supports a specific theme.

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