How can you help Beverly earn Box Tops?


Clip Box Tops and send them in

Every Box Top is worth 10 cents! It adds up when we all work together.

You can find Box Tops on every day products from brands such as Pillsbury, Nature Valley, Annie's, Hefty, Ziploc and many more. Click here for a complete list.

Download the app

It's easy! Download the free Box Top app. Look for offers and participating products. After you purchase those products simply scan your receipt.


Enter Sweepstakes

Visit the Box Tops for Education page and enter sweepstakes for a chance for your school to win extra Box Tops and even cash. It really happens! A mom from Beverly won $10,000 for our 2017-2018 school year!


Does it really matter if you send in Box Tops?  Yes!
One child can help....
1 Box Top per month X 10 months = $1.00
5 Box Tops per month X 10 months = $5.00
10 Box Tops per month X 10 months = $10.00 

 Imagine what one school can do....
$1.00 X 500 Students = $500
$5.00 X 500 Students = $2,500
$10.00 X 500 Students = $5,000


Let's work together to reach our goal of $1,000 for this year!


Thank you so much for your support of this wonderful program and of Beverly Elementary!  For additional information please contact


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