Its time for our annual fall fundraiser and this year we are going #BeverlyStrong with an obstacle run!
Our fundraiser this year is a check writing campaign followed by a FREE event for all students, teachers,
and families to attend. So, what can you do to help?!  Here is a quick video that outlines just a small portion of the activities our fundraiser will support! 



Step 1: Register!
Our goal is to reach 100% of students to register online! It’s easy, free and takes less than 5 minutes!
Register or re-login to your parent dashboard and complete your child’s student webpage with a
PICTURE at getmovinfundhub.com using school identifier: 5d56b8af0e356


Step 2: Make a Donation
We are challenging our Bobcats to raise $50 each to meet our school goal of $15,000. The money we
raise goes to pay for a host of benefits for the school, teachers, and students. Here is a quick video from
last year’s fundraiser that outlines just a small portion of the activities the PTA pays for to ensure that all
students have access to all learning opportunities.

-You can also donate directly to the Beverly PTA here.

-You may also write a check directly to the Beverly PTA by having your child bring it to school.

****Any direct donations made through this link (or checks written directly to the PTA will be updated to your child’s fundhub site.


Step 3: Share with Family and Friends
You may have heard the saying “It takes a village” and that is exactly right. Share your child’s
fundraising page with family and friends because we need their help and they want to help!
- Send 10-15 emails or text messages!
- Post a link to your child’s fundraising page to Facebook and/or Twitter!
- Help your child reach their goal!


MAXIMIZE YOUR DONATIONS! Your donation might be eligible for employer's donation match. After you've registered and log in, you will see a blue button that says "Employer Match Tools" at the top of the page. You can look up your employer to see if they match, and we even provide a letter to send in to get your donation matched! All donations made are tax deductible.


Step 4: Volunteer to help.
That’s right! This check writing campaign is important, but just like an obstacle that you overcome, we
must celebrate the win! Mark your calendars for our FREE event for all students, staff, and families on
September 29th from 6-8pm and volunteer to help by signing up here.
Beverly Elementary PTA - Plano ISD, TX - 23-24 Beverly Strong Fall Social Volunteers


Celebrating the win many ways with classroom parties and our family fun night! 



Fall Family Fun Night - Friday September 29th 

Ninja Nation is coming to set up a special obstacle course for all students to participate.  Participation is completely optional, but is limited to Beverly students ages 5 and older. Beverly Obstacle Run and Foam Party Information


Each participant will require a waiver.  Complete your waiver now! 



If we reach our goal of $15,000 raised, we will be celebrating with a Foam Party!!!! 


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