Beverly's Got Talent is BACK! Last year this fundraiser went so well and the kids were so happy to share their talents, so we are doing it again! 


 If the website asks for a school identifier code, please put in: 5d56b8af0e356



Beverly's Got Talent is a virtual talent showcase, where each student has the opportunity to upload a video of their talent/skill to their private fundraiser page, and friends and family can donate in support of the student and the school. Do they dance? Awesome! Bake? Great! Teach the dog cool tricks? Amazing! Serve those in need? Yes! Anything can be a talent and make your child special!  Our hope is that not only will this be fun for the students and raise needed funds for the school, but also raise your child’s confidence and encourage learning new skills. Other tidbits:

• This is NOT a competition and none of the talents will be judged. 

• Your child’s individual fundraising web page is private. No one will have the link to view it unless you send it to them. 




To participate, start by registering your student here (click "Register as Parent" on top of the page). Registration is FREE! Note that if you have signed up in the past with this website, you can just login and then click "Add to Current Event". In the registration page, you will enter your student's classroom teacher name, make a donation, and add a link of your student's talent video. If you don't have the video ready yet, don't worry about it! You can always come back and add it. Click here for the instructions to upload talent video and add it to the fundraiser page


Next, don't forget to share fundraising page with your families and friends! Invite them to support your child with at least the price of a family visit to the movies! You may also share your talent video to the Beverly's Got Talent Flipgrid (Enter guest password: Bobcats!).



Registration for the Beverly PTA's biggest fundraiser of the year is open now! Please register your child here (FREE!).  For privacy purposes, only parents or guardians can register Beverly students for their personal fundraising page.

Each student has the opportunity to upload a video of their talent/skill to their private fundraiser page, and friends and family can donate in support of the student and the school.


STEP 1Register here for FREE


STEP 2Upload talent video to the registration page


STEP 3 - Share fundraising page with your families and friends


STEP 4(optional) Share talent video to the Beverly's Got Talent Flipgrid (Enter guest password: Bobcats!)





Your donation might be eligible for employer's donation match! After you've registered and log in, you will see a blue button that says "Employer Match Tools" at the top of the page. You can look up your employer to see if they match, and we even provide a letter to send in to get your donation matched!




Performing art (dancing, singing, acting, etc.)

Visual art (drawing, crafting, etc.)

Sports (playing a sport, riding a bike or scooter, etc.)

Technology (a website they coded, game they created, etc.)


Service they like to do for others (holding a baby brother, helping Grandma wash the dishes, etc.)





Beverly's Got Talent is our BIGGEST fundraising of the year! Our goal is to raise $15,000. That breaks down to about $50 per student. The funds we raise from this will pay for many school needs, programs and curriculums that our school funding does not cover. These are only a few examples: 


AR (Accelerated Reader), Spelling City, Flocabulary, Student Agendas, Field trips, Field Day, Classroom supplies, STEAM Program, Robotics Club, PE Equipments, etc


YES! Your participation and support will directly benefits the students of Beverly Elementary! We thank you and appreciate you for your support!



Your child can share their talent with school friends on Beverly Elementary's FlipGrid (Enter Guest Password: Bobcats!). This educational site is only for Beverly students and we had so many reports of students watching their friends' videos over and over. Mr. Porter even hopped on to encourage students last year!  For many students, this was their very favorite part of the fundraiser.
Please view the instructions for uploading your child's video to FlipGrid. 




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