We need your help for the Eco Club to continue!  If you'd like to serve as the Environmental Chair, please contact volunteers@beverlypta.com.




The Eco Club is designed to raise environmental awareness and to have a positive effect on our surroundings. The Eco Club meets throughout the school year to pick up litter, improve Mary's garden, and invite guest speakers who educate us on environmental topics. This leads Eco Cats to make everyday choices that help, not harm, their world. 

All meetings are held after school from 2:45-4:00 pm and are open to any student, free of charge. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings with their children.


Please bring a permission ticket and snack.


Eco Club Permission ticket



2016-2017 Club Goals

Host quarterly litter cleanups

Participate in the International Walk to School Day

Promote clean air through an anti-idling campaign in carpool lanes

Learn about solar and other alternative energy sources

Continue our school’s excellent recycling program

Maintain and Improve Mary’s Garden

Sponsor a booth at the spring Health & Safety Fair

Take a field trip to a place that promotes nature and the environment


Please contact our Eco Club Coordinators at environmental@beverlypta.com for additional information. 




Presented to Beverly Elementary Eco Club by the City of Plano's environmental education department.

2007-2008 Outstanding Environmental Awareness Group
2012-2013 Clean Campus (litter awareness)
2013-2014 Clean Campus (litter awareness)




Interested in Eco Club and want to find out more? Read on to learn more about Eco Club's exciting projects!


Nurse Smith's Butterfly Garden

Catherine Smith was a beloved nurse at Beverly from 2004-2013. When she passed in September 2013, the Eco Club was asked to create a butterfly garden in her honor in Mary's Garden. 

The group decided to use the Clean Campus award money it had just received to purchase a bronze plaque for the garden, pictured below. 

Collin county master gardeners joined the club in planting plants to attract butterflies and gave us butterfly wheels to identify and describe the butterflies seen in the garden, pictured below.


At a dedication ceremony for Nurse Smith in June 2014, a tree planted in her honor at the front of the school and these additions to the school garden were shown to her family.

The Eco Club was honored to be part of these projects to remember her in a beautiful outdoor setting.




The Eco Club performs 4 litter cleanups each year to fulfill its Adopt a Highway contract with the city of Allen. As part of the Keep Allen Beautiful program, Beverly is responsible for cleaning Duchess and Needham Drives, the streets adjacent to the school.

The club also cleans the school grounds including the playground.  Beautifying the areas surrounding Beverly raises awareness for students about how items dropped as people walk or tossed from car windows impact their school home.


Mary's Garden

Students beautify their campus by maintaining Mary's garden, located outside the south entrance of the school.  The garden was named for Mary Woods, and Ms. Kirby explained why she has been so important to Beverly:

"Mary Woods was the first office manager at Beverly Elementary and she had a major influence in opening this building.  She ordered all furniture, supplies, etc. that are in the building.  She helped me and all of the staff with every detail of opening a new campus.  I worked with her for 16 years at Thomas Elementary.  She was the office clerk and librarian assistant at Thomas.  When I was asked to open Beverly, I asked Mary to come as the office manager.  I couldn't have done it without her! She is an extremely hard worker and has a wonderful sense of humor. When she retired several years ago, I wanted some kind of lasting tribute to her that would honor her contributions to Beverly.  That is when we started Mary's Garden to honor her."

Mary also continued to volunteer in our library until 2011.

In the fall and spring, students plant flowers, remove weeds and spread mulch, creating a place of beauty for all the enjoy.  A bench, birdbath and walking stones adorn the garden and butterflies flutter about each spring.  Everyone is welcome to join the group and help with this fun, outdoor activity.

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