To be able to upload your video, you can:

Upload to a hosting site like YouTube 


Save your video to the cloud from your device (example: iCloud in iPhone)


With either method, you will then have a link to copy-paste to your personal Fundraising webpage. Please see the videos below for more details on how to do either method.


Video upload using computer (Upload to Youtube, then copy-paste link)




Video upload using tablet or phone (Upload videos from iCloud server)




OPTIONAL: We are so excited to see your child's talent, and so are your families and friends! Want to share your talent with the rest of the school? After uploading your video to your fundraising site, email it to Mrs. Hart at and it will be put on our special Beverly Got's Talent FlipGrid!
You can also upload it yourself if you wish: 
2. Click "Enter your guest password" and enter in the code "Bobcats!"


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