Spring 2018 Book Fair




Did you know that volunteers who work at least one hour can buy 3 books and get one FREE??
Sign up to volunteer HERE.   


 friday, april 27 - Friday, May 4

The fair will be open on Friday night, April 27 during the Sock Hop
Open April 30-May 4 M,T,Th until6pm, and Wed/Fri until 4pm
Grand Friends lunch is on Friday, 5/4

Grand Friends lunch on Friday from 11am- 1pm: Kids can invite a parent, grandparent or special adult to eat and shop with them. You can bring your own lunch or purchase one from the cafeteria.




We are a community of readers!

Book Fairs are held to promote literacy, to celebrate the joy of reading, and to inspire children and their families to share great books.  Children are very motivated to read the books they select. Our book fairs give every child a chance to select and enjoy wonderful books at reasonable prices.


Children learn by example. Parents who read to their children and with their children are wonderful role models. When children see this example, they realize that reading is important in their families and that books are treasures. Our book fairs give parents and students a chance to shop for books together and to select books they will enjoy sharing.


Book fairs inspire camaraderie and conversation about books. The librarian has a chance to talk to students and parents about books they might enjoy. Volunteers talk to students and parents and to each other about books they have discovered or read. Children tell their friends about books they've read and can recommend. Teachers share their recommendations and have the opportunity to request books for use in their classrooms. For one whole week, we are all focused on literacy.



Profits from the book fair are shared by the PTA and the library. The PTA receives cash and the library receives books. The PTA uses the cash profit to fund excellent programs for Beverly students. A yearly author visit and AR are two examples of programs funded in part by book fair profits. Books for our library enhance our collection and provide students with a variety of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that they enjoy reading.


Questions?  Please contact our Book Fair Coordinators at bookfair@beverlypta.com